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What is it?
Manage your portals from a central place and with advanced features like reordering the trains or time dependant start (emit) of trains. The use of the Schedule Library rule and the Copy Commands From rule is recommended.

How to use it?
Add an instance of the rule into your session rules. Then add the portals you want to control - in the portals disable the emit train options. Now click on one of the added portals and add your trains and drivers as you know it from the portal window. You may also hide a train for better overview and faster handling, you can give names to each train so you can find them easier when hidden, you can move a train up and down. At the top of the window you can specify the mode of this portal: random, sequential or time

  • random: chooses one of the trains at random to emit in the portal every specified minutes plus/minus a random delay
  • sequential: goes step by step though the list of trains and emits one after the other in the portal avery specified minutes plus/minus a random delay
  • time: emits a train at the specified minute and the given interval of each train entry (random delay is not yet working here)
Picture of the rule
download (may be part of other cdp):
PortalManager.cdp (70 KB, 21-05-2015, more than 2900 downloads)
see also:
ScheduleLibrary, CopyCommandsFrom

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