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What is it?
PathTrigger will set a path from PathControl depending on the destination a train goes - if autodrive is used to drive.

It also supports AutoPilot and PathLibrary, however, with AutoDrive and PathControl is offers many more functions.

How to use it?
Add the rule to your session and open it. I'll see a list of your yards from PathControl. But stop, let's go back and check what is required before we can use the rule.

You need to set up paths in the PathControl rule and you need to add Triggers on your tracks before the yard - one or two signal blocks before the first controlled signal of the yard. Give it a good name, you should give all your triggers that should set a path alike names like PATHTRIGGER 1, PATHTRIGGER 2, and so on.

Ok, now back to the rule. On the first page you see a feals 'pattern'. Her you can specify a name pattern for your triggers that should set paths, so in this example it your be PATHTRIGGER* - * means every character, you may know this from your operation system. Due so some problems, Trainz won't allow to enter the * on some keyboards. For this we have alternativ characters like the ! for english and germans. Take a look in the config.txt file and modify the chars to your need:

	glob_replace_asterisk "!"
	glob_replace_questionmark ":"
	glob_replace_bracketopen "("
	glob_replace_bracketclose ")"
Now klick one of the yards and go switch to the yard view. If you open this the first time it is nearly empty.

So add a trigger - this will should you only the triggers that match the name pattern from the first page!

Next step: add a path to the trigger and finally add a destination for this path - this may be a trackmarks (like 'platform 1') or a free pattern like 'platform 2*'. You can add as many paths as you like to each trigger. One of the paths can be specified as default path. This path will be set if no matching destination is found.

Each path may have sub paths, this path will be set if the main path or the sub path above are set. This allows you eg. to set a route to pass a yards for nonstop trains.

Another helpfull thing is the 'function'. A function allows to configure paths and destinations like a trigger but it has none. To use a function you can specify this as a sub path to an other path of a real trigger.

See the example layout to find a usage for this.

Picture of the rule
download (may be part of other cdp):
PathControl.cdp (593 KB, 21-05-2015, more than 15100 downloads)
see also:
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