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What is it?
This driver command will unload and load passenders from the currently stopped passenger station without the need of the 'Drive To' command. If door animation is available the doors of the train cars will be opened and closed.

How to use it?
Add this into a driver schedule or a schedule library entry or a portal schedule.
Due to some limitations in the TrainzScript GenericPassenger class it is not possible to get the side relativ to the train where the platform is. So this has to be specified when adding the command. The LoadPassgeners driver command offers many different ways to be used:

  • open doors left of train and wait X minutes (where X is a choosen value when adding the command), close the doors and continue
  • open doors right of train - rest like open doors left
  • open doors left of train and continue (do not close)
  • open doors right of train and continue (do not close)
  • close doors and continue
  • open doors left of train, unload all passengers and continue (do not close) - usefull option for train termination
  • open doors right of train, unload all passgenders and continue (like above)
Typically you will use the variant with the wait option, however, if you want to do other things when a train waits like setting a path or uncoupling or so you might prefer the 'only open' variant.

Important: the train must stop on the platform track not behind or the passengers load/unload won't work (but doors open).

Picture of the rule
download (may be part of other cdp):
PathControl.cdp (593 KB, 21-05-2015, more than 15100 downloads)
see also:
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