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What is it?
This will start moving the train until it reaches the specified trackmark.

How to use it?
Add this into a driver schedule or a schedule library entry or a portal schedule.
The train will always move in the last direction the train was driving before, to change this use one of the available change direction rules (like KUID 71155:60010).

Beside not normal trackmarks this AutoDrive rule supports some special named trackmarks with the train length (number of vehicles). First add a trackmark eg. at the end of a passenger station platform, let's call it 'platform 1' - but the name is your choice. Next add another trackmark somewhere before in the middle of the platform and call it 'platform 1@4' and finally add a 3rd one before this and call it 'platform 2@2'.

What will happen?
Add an Auto Drive rule to a driver's rule schedule. You won't see the 'platform 1@4' and 'platform 1@2' but only 'platform 1'. Howevery, if your train has only 4 vehicles (including locomotion) it will drive to the '@4' mark. If it has two is will stop at '@2'. If is has 3 vehicles it will stop at the next bigger point, so the '@4' and if there is no bigger stopping point it will stop at the 'main' trackmark.

Picture of the rule
download (may be part of other cdp):
PathControl.cdp (593 KB, 21-05-2015, more than 15100 downloads)
see also:
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