js-home.org, 28.06.2022

arfonrg(AT)infi.net wrote this simple step by steop documentation how to install XCmail:

I use Slackware 8.1 and here is exactly how I compiled and installed XCmail from the source code.

  1. Get XCmail source from here:
  2. unzip and untar it by (eg. for version 2.2):
    gunzip xc-mail-2.2.tar.gz
    tar -xvf xc-mail-2.2.tar
  3. cd xc-mail-2.2
  4. ./configure (at this point it will probably stop on an error that says something about missing Xclasses... If it completes without errors, skip the next few steps and go to step 16).
  5. get the Xclasses source from:
  6. unzip and untar using:
    gunzip xclasses-public-1.3.1.src.tar.gz
    tar-xvf xclasses-public-1.3.1.src.tar
  7. cd xclasses
  8. ./build all
  9. Change to root using 'su'.
  10. ./build install
  11. Change back to a user from root using 'exit'.
  12. cp setenvxc ../xc-mail-2.2/
  13. cd ../xc-mail-2.2/
  14. sh ./setenvxc
  15. ./configure (it should work now without errors)
  16. make
  17. make check (If you want, this is not necessary)
  18. Change to root using 'su'.
  19. make install
  20. Change back to a user from root using 'exit'.
  21. XCmail should now be installed. Type xc-mail to start the program.

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