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What is XCmail

XCmail is a MIME and multi POP3 server capable mailtool for X11 using the Xclasses layout library. XCmail was designed completely object orientated and by this may be improved easily.

The main purpose of XCmail is to read and write mails which may have any kind of data added (attached). For this XCmail can handle MIME types and has so called "helpers" to show different types. And XCmail offers "encoders" which encode and decode binary data into ASCII to allow the transport as mail over the Internet.

XCmail also offers "encoders" which encode and decode binary data into ASCII to allow the transport via mail over the Internet.

The program works with a local mailbox (eg. /var/spool/mail) and multiple POP3 servers. With POP3 XCmail uses the faster UIDL function of POP3 servers (may be disabled if servers don't support this) and has a so called "UIDL history": If you get mails from your POP3 server but don't want to remove them there and later remove them only locally other mailers will read this mails again. Not XCmail! The UIDL history keeps a history of the mails read from the server so it won't read them again.

The GUI (graphical user interface) was designed to be mostly self explaining but of course there may be some things which are not explaining them self like settings or standard names that are unknown to first users.

XCmail supports multiple mailboxes, has an address book for your favority email addresses and XCmail may start external programs to encode mails or handle MIME types.

XCmail also supportes PGP within PGP MIME (RFC 2015)!

The complete description is available as Online documentation.


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