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MIMEallows the user to add multiple parts on one mail, eg. send files together with a text (called attachment)
POP3get mails from multiple remote mail servers
SMTPsend mails to a remote mail server using simple message transfer protokol (SMTP)
SMTP AUTHauthenticate on SMTP servers - is sometimes required on SMTP servers to stop spammers from relaying
SMTP after POP3authenticate at POP3 server before sending mails via SMTP - this is required by some mail servers if they don't offer SMTP AUTH
PGPencrypt mails so unwanted persons can not read them
PGP MIME (RFC 2015)encrypt complete MIME mails - including the attachments. This is a standard specified in RFC 2015.
XFacesend a nice and small picture of yourself with any mail - this is shown if the mail is read
UIDLspeedup for POP3
UIDL historythis avoids XCmail from reading the same mails multiple times from the mail server
Encodersto send files (eg. binaries) with a mail they must be encoded - XCmail offers various encoders, from standard uuencode and base64 to Mac HQX
Helpersbecause not all attached files are programs XCmail offers an open interface to handle those data - eg. open an external viewer for pictures
Pluginswith plugins XCmail may be tuned - eg. some encoders and helpers are plugins so they may not be installed if a users doesn't need them - this required less space on disk and memory
Spell checker (using ispell standard software)ever send a mail and later seen that it had some words misspelled? With ISpell this is no longer a problem. ISpell offers checks in many langauges!
X HeadersPut extra headers in every mail you send, eg some more information on you or some extra settings for mail agents
addressbookput your favorite recipients in XCmail's addressbook
auto addressbookkeeps an second internal addressbook for faster choosing an email recipient
address hintsearches your addressbooks for a matching name or address during you type the recipient
virtual foldersgroup different folder to one visible vfolder - for better overview
Mail translator (babelfish)Don't understand the language of a mail? XCmail may translate it for you by using altavista's babelfish service!
Folder archivYou want to archiv many or every mail? This takes a lot of disk space?! Use XCmails folder archiv which compresses archived folders using GZIP standard.
Mail filterssort or remove your mails before you "must" read them
addressbookput are your favorite addresses in the addressbook
Dictionarydon't know how to translate a word? use the dictionarys in the Web within the XCmail GUI
Spam filterusing Spam Bouncer as spam filter plugin
remote removedelete selected mails from your POP3 server
big mail blockerbig mails can be transfered explicitely from your POP3 server
vCard supportvCards can be read and a personal or official (from your job) vCard can be sent with every mail (you may choose which of them)
keep incoming folder smallmails of the incoming folder may be moved to a received folder automatically by many options (after reading, replying, forwarding a mail or if it is some days old)
setup wizardhelps first time users to setup XCmail

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